Flutter Puzzle Hack FAQ


1. What do I need to build? 

Participants should build a slide puzzle application that works on the web using Flutter.  Reference this sample for an example. For additional prize consideration, participants may choose to ensure that their slide puzzle application works on mobile and desktop, in addition to the web.

2. Can I work on a team?

Yes, you may work on a team. Per the rules, only one member of the team will receive the prize on behalf of the rest of the team.

There is no limit on the number of people per team.

3. What tools do I need to use? 

Your puzzle must use Flutter, but there are no restrictions on other tools you use to bring your creativity to life. 

You also do not need to use a specific version of the Flutter.

4. Do I need to use the starter code?

No. The sample code is simply one implementation of the slide puzzle. You can implement it your own way using whatever packages and methods make sense to you. 

Understand though that the goal of the contest is to build the most visually and tactically appealing project, so we won’t be digging too deeply into the code when we judge.

5. What kind of puzzle can I build?

All submissions must be slide puzzles. That means that the players “slide” a limited number of tiles into place to achieve a goal. 

Word puzzles, etc. will not be accepted.

6. What size does the puzzle need to be?

Your submission puzzle can be any size.

7. If I am in an excluded country, can I still submit?

Yes. As long as you understand that you will not be eligible to receive a prize, you are still able to submit your project if you are in an excluded country.

8. Can I submit multiple times?

Yes. You may submit as many puzzles as you would like. Each submitter may only win one prize though.

9. What is Educational content?

Educational content is anything that helps other Flutter developers better understand Flutter. 

It can be in the form of a demo video, blog post, YouTube video, or any other content form, so long as it is helpful to the Flutter community.