•   4 months ago

Question "Sponsor / Special prizes" under Additional Information tab

What is meant by this question? Is it a "yes I am working for a sponsor company"? Or do I select the special prizes that I want to apply for?


  • Manager   •   4 months ago

    Hi there, this question is for you to opt-into prizes. For example, multiplatform accessibility is not a requirement, but if your project is available on mobile and web you could opt into this category.

  •   •   3 months ago

    Hello, I did not fill in the "Sponsor / Special prizes", was not aware those prizes are on a opt-in basis T_T Can I still opt-in? Can our project be considered for them? Thanks!

  • Manager   •   3 months ago

    Hi, yes! You did not need to opt-in, in order to be considered. If your project is eligible, you will still be considered. Good luck!

  •   •   3 months ago

    Thank you! :D

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